Sample Report

£ 1,895,699
Estimated lifetime savings **

606,854 kWh
Estimated electricity/year

£ 618,726
Estimated system cost

8.2 years
Estimated payback period

  Monthly savings

The chart below shows your monthly estimated electricity cost savings and FiT (Feed-in Tariff, if applicable), based on your proposed solar PV system and average monthly solar potential in your location

Estimates are based on a typical current electricity price of £0.11/kWh in your location. The actual value of electricity generated is likely to vary significantly over the lifetime of your solar PV system.

  Lifetime value vs costs

The chart below shows £ 1,895,699 estimated electricity cost savings (+ FiT if applicable) over the first 25 years versus an estimated system cost of £ 618,726.

A calculation over 25 years is used due to the length of typical panel warranties, although your system should continue to generate clean, free electricity well beyond this timescale.

  Your system

Your selection has a total area of: 3,955.5 m2 which should provide space for up to a 2,746 panel, 727.9kW system.
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  Environmental benefits

Your suggested solar PV system should have the following benefits to the environment (calculations according to American Clean Energy, LLC).

  Tons of carbon eliminated in 1 year: 370
  Cars taken off the road for 1 year: 49
  Litres of petrol/gasoline saved: 159,561
  Equivalent of trees cleansing the air for 1 year: 12,137
  Equivalent of new trees planted: 303
  Lightbulbs powered for 1 year: 5,196


This is an example report for a hypothetical PV installation.


Aston & Fincher, Manchester
126 Metroplex Business Park, Broadway, Manchester M50 2UW, UK


Aston & Fincher supplies hair and beauty professionals throughout the UK.

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* Calculations:

  • Energy generation results are based on local weather and installation assumptions.
  • Savings and FiT results are based on average generation predictions and energy price assumptions in UK and India.
  • We are currently working on savings estimates for other countries.
  • Actual generation and savings may vary in practice.

* Lifetime value estimates:

  • Estimates are based on a nominal lifetime of 25 years, although most systems will continue to operate significantly longer.
  • For assessments in India only electricity savings are taken into account.
  • For the UK assessments include FiT earnings according to UK regulations.
  • Electricity prices are likely to vary significantly over a solar PV system lifetime.

* FiT (Feed-in Tariff if applicable):

  • FiT is an incentive paid to producers of green energy. Please have a look at this page for more details about FiT in the UK.
  • FiT earnings include a degression rate of 0.06-0.07p/quarter (3 month), depending on consumption.