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May 15

BusinessCloud: 101 Startup-up disrupters list

PowerMarket selected among 101 tech disrupters in the UK by BusinessCloud

Welcome to BusinessCloud’s inaugural list of the country’s hottest disrupters, companies using tech to shake up traditional industries. To be considered for the list they had to have been launched on or after January 1, 2012, be based in the UK and have the ability to scale quickly.
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Apr 06

EnergySpin TOP30 Nomination

PowerMarket was shortlisted as one of the TOP30 Most Promising Energy Start-ups in Europe 2017

The EnergySpin researched more than 200 start-ups and chose PowerMarket as one of the most interesting companies in 2017. The valuation was based on the management team's competence and the product's potential.
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Feb 01

Digital Agenda Impact Awards

PowerMarket was shortlisted in the category climate-technologies

Thirty-six tech projects, each created to improve lives and the world around us, have been named on the shortlist for the inaugural DigitalAgenda Impact Awards sponsored by Nominet Trust. Winners will be announced on March 2.
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Nov 09

DT50: Europe’s most promising startups

PowerMarket is shortlisted for the Top 10 in B2B.

This year, for the very first time, Google, McKinsey and Rocket Internet introduce the Digital Top 50 Awards (DT50), to celebrate Europe’s thriving tech scene and honor the most promising tech companies. The DT50s will award the most promising startups and scale-ups that will be Europe’s Digital Market Leaders of tomorrow, as well as a Tech for Social Impact company. The winners will be announced at Slush at the award ceremony. The top 50 shortlist has now been published!


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Sep 26

Stock Talk

10 Investment Channels to Grow your Wealth.

Looking for somewhere to stash your extra money? Went to a financial advisor and all they did was pitch these boring savings accounts? There are more intriguing options! This is a bird’s eye view of the channels to use to grow your wealth.
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Apr 08

Enterprising Oxford

Interview with Abhinav Jain (CEO PowerMarket).

"I founded two solar energy companies in India before coming to do my MBA, so decided to work up the idea for PowerMarket as part of the Entrepreneurship project module of the MBA. When I graduated, I was going to do the traditional route of consulting, but actually decided, in an interview, that developing PowerMarket was the way I really wanted to go."
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