Solar Market Germany

With 491 W per capita generated in 2015 Germany is the largest solar market in the world with respect to population. It also ranks second in total installed PV capacity slightly behind China.

PV capacity

Total installed PV capacity (domestic + commercial, 2015):

39,700 MW (20.3% of global capacity, ranked 2nd *)

PV capacity added in 2015:

1,450 MW (3.3% of global added capacity, ranked 3rd *)

PV per capita in 2015:

491 W (ranked 1st *)

* Source: Snapshot of Global Photovoltaics market - Report IEA PVPS T1-29:2016

PV on commercial buildings

In Germany about 50% of all PV electricity is generated by the commercial sector. We are currently compiling more information. Thank you for your patience.

Solar potential maps

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