Do I have to pay anything to sign-up for the marketplace?

No, it is completely free for you, we only charge installers.

Can I only assess the potential of my roof, or could it be anything?

This is one of the best parts of our web-tool, you are not limited to your roof-top any more. You can now look-up your car-park, swimming pool, common areas in a business park, farm or any other area, as long as it is out in the open.

How can my business profit from a renewable energy project?

Businesses are fairly high consumers of electricity and pay anywhere between 8p/unit and 14.5p/unit to buy electricity from the grid. By installing a renewable energy project for captive use, businesses can generate a part of their energy need in-house, reducing their electricity expense. In the UK, for every unit of electricity generated by a renewable source, the project owner also receives additional income - Feed-in-tariff (FiT), adding to those savings.

How long does it take to break even with my investment?

Break-even of a project can vary based on region, renewable energy source, government policy, the electricity tariff that your business pays to the utility and how you finance the project. Nevertheless, we would recommend you to conduct an initial assessment using our web-tool and to create an account. The account would give you the opportunity to customise your renewable energy project, tweak assumptions based on your business operations, find high-quality and cost-competitive suppliers and finance options that fit your business’ needs.

Are there any special regulations I have to take care of?

No, PowerMarket will care of that for you.

What about maintenance?

Maintenance of a project could change depending on technology. However, our team would work closely with you to ensure that you only buy a project that has all the right maintenance and project performance warranties.

How do you calculate / capture solar data?

PowerMarket does not collect its own data. Instead we are using data available from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

How accurate are savings+income figures?

The savings+income assessment is based on a number of factors such as PowerMarket’s IP assessment algorithm, average cost of electricity tariff paid to the utility, FiT, export tariff, solar irradiation data etc. If interested, you can sign up for an account, add your custom data and get a more precise assessment.

Does the assessment-tool take chimneys, heating-ducts and shadows from neighbouring trees into account?

Not yet, but these are exactly some of the things we are currently working on.

Still questions?

Just ask!


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