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PowerMarket is a product of SunReign Ltd, a registered company in the UK.

With Climate Change as one of the biggest threats of our society, solar is one the fastest growing technologies in the energy sector. However, information and intelligence around solar is still extremely complex and lengthy. PowerMarket bridges this gap by leveraging satellite data through its Advanced AI, a product that is the result of over 2 years of research conducted along with Oxford University and European Space Agency.

Our solar intelligence solutions are ideal for government institutions, energy utilities, transmission companies, grid operators and large solar companies, looking for most innovative solutions to solve large-scale, global challenges.

Our free Solar Assessment Tool is a good way for individuals and small companies to check whether their roof-top is suitable for a solar installation.


SunReign Ltd
Oxford University Innovation
3 West Way
Botley, Oxford OX2 0JB, UK


PowerMarket team has over 100 years of combined experience in solar, large-scale energy infrastructure, energy finance, artificial intelligence, cloud-computing, IT infrastructure and data security.

Some of the team members are:

Abhinav Jain

Abhinav Jain

Abhinav is a serial entrepreneur and has co-founded 2 solar energy start-ups at the age of 26. One of those ventures has commissioned over 400MW of grid-connected, large-scale solar PV plants and employs over 200 employees. Abhinav is also an MBA from the University of Oxford.
Phil Worthington

Dr Phil Worthington

Machine Learning and Satellite Imagery
Holding an MA in Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Oxford and a PHD in Computer Vision, Phil has over 20 years’ experience in advanced technology R&D spanning medical imaging, sport and fitness, motion capture, sensor fusion and visual effects.
Laurent Tupin

Laurent Tupin

Infrastructure and Data Security
Laurent is a passionate innovator, with over 12 years of experience and expertise in the field of web-architecture, cloud-computing, infrastructure and data-security. Laurent holds a Bachelor in IT. He is also AWS, Linux, ITIL... certified. He has worked with some of the leading technology companies in France and Switzerland.

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